Egg Flies!!!

I bought an egg carton yesterday from my church,we host events sometimes and there were some eggs left from the last one...when I opened the carton though,there were not one,not two,but 15 dead flies in it!My mom says it's OK,to just run some water on them,but I'm not convinced.Should I toss them?All my instincts say "YES!"...



boulangere August 27, 2013
Flies lay their eggs in feces, so you may not know how they got into your egg carton, but do know where they've been. Have you thought about returning them (flies included) to the store where your purchased them?
mensaque August 27, 2013
You have a point,Pierino.I haven't thought about it...Why did the flies die,indeed?I think I'll toss them like I was inclined to.Thanks!
pierino August 27, 2013
I would be careful on this one. I'd ask myself "what attracted the flies?" And also "what caused the flies to die?". Is it a canary in the coal mine situation? Are there invisible fly larvae incubating in there? Flies around food are never a good sign of anything.
mensaque August 27, 2013
The shells are fine.The eggs are pretty big and look fine...but I'm a bit grossed out!Thanks,David.
David August 27, 2013
If the shells are intact I think the eggs are safe.
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