I'm making a cake and ran out of granulated sugar. Scrounged together one cup of the required two. Can I substitute brown sugar? It's a carrot cake, so pretty rustic. If so, how much?



tellmeaboutfood November 28, 2010
Thanks so much. I did the substitution. Cutting into the cake tonight, I'll let you know how it went.
Jon P. November 28, 2010
ChezSuzanne is right. The brown sugar will interact quite nicely with what you've got going. I wouldn't be surprised if, the next time around, you end up substituting on purpose because you're so pleased with the results.
TheWimpyVegetarian November 27, 2010
Brown sugar is essentially granulated sugar + molasses, so you can do a substitution. By volume, you can do 1 for 1 sub; by weight I use 6 oz of brown sugar for 1 cup. If your recipe calls for molasses, I'd back out 1 tablespoon of the molasses called for, otherwise I wouldn't worry about it. Molasses should be a nice flavor in with the carrot cake anyway. The only other thing I would mention is that brown sugar is more hydroscopic than granulated sugar, so it will absorb more moisture in the surrounding air. So the cake might get a little softer faster on the countertop than it normally would. But I'd go for it!
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