Best recipe for mashed sweet potatoes ?

  • Posted by: diane
  • November 23, 2015


Ann A. November 25, 2015
Thank you, Ali! Can't wait to eat these :)
Ali S. November 23, 2015
It's not a mash—more of a bake—but I assure you they're so good (and my favorite, because they're my mom's):
Ann A. November 25, 2015
Another question, Ali! These can be made the day before up until the point where you pop them in the oven? And about how long will they take to bake from frig on the day of?
Ali S. November 25, 2015
Hi Ann! That's correct. Baking straight from the fridge may take maybe ten minutes more, but I wouldn't say much. The thing that's great about this recipe is everything is already pretty cooked, so you're just looking to let all the good flavors hang out together. Let me know if you have any questions—and how they turn out!
Kenzi W. November 23, 2015
I love Merrill's!
Lindsay-Jean H. November 23, 2015
Here are a few good options for you:,, and
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