Making stock from bones?

After braising shirt rib on the bone, is it possible to use the bones to make beef stock? Or are the bones completely spent?

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  • September 6, 2013


Lauren,McPherson September 7, 2013
I'd recommend using those bones as well as uncooked bones. You likely will get a weak flavoured stock using only the cooked ones
David September 7, 2013
Butchers who buy whole sides of beef and/or kill their own cattle usually sell bones for the best price. I like to paint my bones with red miso paste for extra umami.
Pamela731 September 7, 2013
I completely agree with the "painting" the bones with tomato paste before roasting. That's what I do with oxtails for a great stock. If using oxtails, you need to strain the stock, chill it then remove the far. Oh so much flavor!
Emmy L. September 7, 2013
I love all these ideas...and short ribs for stock? Delicious! Fat cells are made in the bone marrow. I'm a huge advocate of skimming the fat off as the stock simmers or your digestive system will pay for it. Freeze your stock in 16 oz containers for greatest versatility (could also remove fat after freezing). Homemade stock has lots more calories than other stocks, too.
pierino September 6, 2013
Another yes to your question. There is still flavor in the bones, although not as strong as if they were raw. I would use the same method as darksideofthespoon recommends. Consider "painting" the bones with tomato paste before browning with the aromatics as it will give your stock a nicer color.
darksideofthespoon September 6, 2013
I like to save onion tops, carrot peelings and celery ends for my stock, too (even mushroom ends. especially for vegetable stock). Throughout the week I just put them in a container in my fridge until it's stock time! I brown the bones with the vegetables and whole peppercorns. Makes great stock!

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Assonta W. September 6, 2013
You can absolutely use the bones! don't forget to brown the bones first, then add the liquid. Also, if you have any other bones, add those, too!
Monita September 6, 2013
Yes you can make stock from those bones too.
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