Can I leave out or substitute for the peppers? Wife doesn't do hot.

Roasted Tomato Jam
Recipe question for: Roasted Tomato Jam


xhille December 14, 2013
Perhaps a bit of paprika for pepper flavor without the heat.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 10, 2013
How about roasted red bell pepper, sweet cherry peppers or piquillo peppers to give it some dimension? I'm in your wife's camp about spicy and usually swap out these peppers to suit my taste.
EmilyC September 10, 2013
I agree with June, no substitute needed, though a small amount of Aleppo pepper could work well. I love Aleppo for its sweet, gentle heat; unless you use a large amount, the Aleppo would add flavor but not much spiciness.
ChefJune September 10, 2013
I'm not Amanda, but I often leave out hot peppers if I'm cooking for someone who does not appreciate them. It's never ruined a recipe yet. :) I wouldn't think you'd need to substitute anything for them.
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