What to do with all these hot peppers?

I'm not certain what kind these are, but it looks like there will be about 400 ready to harvest in the next few weeks. I grew a few plants from some seed I saved from making hot sauce, and well... I didn't realize just how enthusiastic peppers grow.

I usually dry some and make fermented hot sauce, but that only takes care of the first hundred peppers.

What do I do with the rest?
Can you pickle spicy peppers?

Please inspire me.

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Kristen W. September 26, 2015
My go-to combo is quick and easy: white wine vinegar, salt, sugar, and mustard seeds. I just do it to taste, so sorry, no measurements. I'm sure there are lots of fun recipes out there, though, if you want to play around with it. Good luck and enjoy!
Kristen W. September 26, 2015
Oh, one other quick use: I like adding sliced pickled hot peppers to sautéed greens and pairing that with something like mashed sweet potatoes, to be served together as side dishes to a main protein - the peppers, greens, and sweet potatoes balance each other really nicely, IMHO.
Kristen W. September 26, 2015
You can totally pickle spicy peppers - I LOVE them! I use them to garnish tacos, put on eggs, put on sandwiches, chop up into chicken salad or grain salads or pasta salads, or to mince and add to vinaigrettes, to name a few uses. I'm kind of a heat junkie so I love having then on hand to add a acid and spice to dishes.
trampledbygeese September 26, 2015
Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. Do you have a recipe for pickling peppers that you like?
PieceOfLayerCake September 25, 2015
You can pretty much pickle anything, and spicy peppers is one of my absolute favorites! You can also dry them for further spice enhancement. Here's an interesting article on the method and usefulness: http://www.scottrobertsweb.com/ultimate-guide-to-drying-hot-peppers/
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