My mascarpone whipped cream curdled. Can it be saved?

I whipped some mascarpone (at room temp) and heavy cream (cold) together and it went from being creamy to curdled in the blink of an eye. I whipped it at high speed for a long time, hoping it would get creamy again, but now it looks like cottage cheese, with a lot of extra liquid. What did I do wrong? Can it be salvaged, somehow?

  • Posted by: Madhuja
  • September 10, 2013


radhaks November 27, 2020
I tried to salvage my curdles mascarpone whipped cream but when I tried the double boiler solution it didn’t become smooth but melted to liquid. I cooled to room temp and then put in fridge to attempt to rewhip but it’s not working. Anything else I can do with this yummy heavy cream textured mixture now in another application?
livtocook November 27, 2020
It should firm up after it’s been in the fridge for a while. For future reference....make sure that your mascarpone cheese and heavy cream are the same temperature....chilled/right out of the refrigerator works well...
radhaks November 28, 2020
Thanks. both mascarpone and cream were very cold and came directly from fridge before preparing. After failure and warming...when it melted completely, I tried rewhipping after super cold again but no luck. So....I finally decided to use the mixture by adding eggs and some leftover pumpkin purée with speculaas spices and made a baguette bread pudding. Huge success...2 days after intended dessert failed :)
livtocook November 28, 2020
Good for you!!! Sounds delicious!
Lauren W. July 7, 2020
I couldn’t believe it but the double boiler worked like a charm! I ended up adding a little more cream before trying to rewhip it and it whipped back up
livtocook November 26, 2019
This just happened to me! Mascarpone filling for a pumpkin roulade curdled. Found this post thankfully! I used the double boiler method and it worked like a charm! Within 2 minutes the mixture was smooth again! Thank you!!!!!!
Lucika November 23, 2018
1-2 min later this was the result 👏🏼👏🏼
Lucika November 23, 2018
It actually works! I was like what did I do wrong, why has it curdeled? Then found this post and sure enough it worked a treat!
Thank you!
Lani August 11, 2018
My mixture was comprised of (straight out of fridge) mascarpone, butter (room temp), and powdered sugar. I always read that the mascarpone should be used straight out of the fridge, which has always worked for me even when creaming with room temp cream cheese and sugar for my cheesecake. I also know not to mix the mascarpone by itself for too long otherwise it will curdle. Anyway, with my aforementioned mixture, it curdled right away when I used a stand mixer. I moved it to a glass bowl and microwaved it a couple of times in 10 second increments. Mixed it by hand and the mixture soon uncurled and was smooth again.
Marilu June 11, 2016
I was prepping my mascarpone cheese and I was rushing myself to prepare my tiramisu that it curdled up on me. I tried looking it up on different sites and I could it not find the solution to the issue but frustration. I microwaved the bowl with the mascarpone mixture for less than a minute, whipped it and placed it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. After cooling, I whipped it again and it worked like no mishap has ever happened. proceeded with blending it with my heavy cream mixture. Viola!! My tiramisu is refrigerated for several hours then dessert will be served in no time. Hope this would help :-)

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Aysegul S. March 7, 2014
Yes it can be. It happened to me yesterday and I was able to salvage it.
I was trying to make a Mascarpone Whipped Cream as a frosting for a Dark Chocolate Waffle Cake I was working on. The ingredients I used were mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. I failed to make sure that the heavy cream and mascarpone cheese were at room temperature. In less than a minute after I started whipping the mixture, it curdled.
I was panicked at first but was relieved after this method worked.

Here is what I learned from this experience:
1. Mascarpone cheese can be very prone to curdling, if the temperature of the other ingredient (like in my case), heavy cream, is different than the cheese itself. That is exactly why, when working with mascarpone cheese all ingredients should be in room temperature.
2. To prevent curdling, it is best to whip the cheese first, and then slowly add the heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla extract.
3. To salvage it:Using the double boiler method, gently heat the curdled mixture while constantly whipping it, until all lumps are gone and it is smooth. This happens pretty quickly. So do not over heat. Allow it to come to room temperature and whip it using a mixer.
Hope this helps...
You can read more and get my Mascarpone Whipped Cream recipe here if you want.
KaShan G. December 31, 2015
I had this problem when I was making the cream part for tiramisu. I panicked for a little and I thought to use the immersion blender to fix it and it worked!
Susan W. December 31, 2015
The immersion blender...miracle appliance. :)
foofaraw July 14, 2016
Just want to say thanks for the tip! You saved my tiramisu. Though instead of double boiler, I microwave at 50% power at 15 s increment until there is no lumps, and stir it in between microwaving.
Househund June 24, 2017
life saver...Thankyou ;o)
jamiesmithva December 14, 2017
thanks so much for this tip - you saved me today!
Jill T. December 24, 2017
Thank god for this! I’m a million steps into making a laborious buche de Noel, and my mascarpone whipped filling just went sideways. The microwave / cool / rewhip at room temp advice just saved my Christmas! Thank you!!!!
Patty B. April 21, 2019
Thank you, thank you! The double boiler method just saved my icing! I can't believe that worked!
ShannaRB January 25, 2020
I created a profile just to post and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! This worked on my separated tiramisu mixture. Followed the double boiler method and it came out perfect!! After trying and failing so many times to get my mixture perfect, this is the tip that did the trick!!! Thanks so much!!
Ren P. March 12, 2020
Worked like a charm, thanks for the tip
Melissa C. December 24, 2020
Yum !!!
PazzoNico September 10, 2013
Just drain it through a cheesecloth and make butter.

The cream "churned" and the liquid is buttermilk. But still, you can use that as a spread for toast with just some salt or with some fruit preserves or jelly on pancakes. Mascarpone butter (it's a thing).
mstv September 10, 2013
However, yours sounds like it may be more curdled than mine.
mstv September 10, 2013
I had that happen before and I added more unwhipped cream and whisked it in and it came together (uncurdled).
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