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I bought Mascarpone cheese and it didn't look creamy

When I opened my mascarpone cheese to make egg-less tiramisu, it didn't look creamy and smooth, it rather had a grainy texture, I never cooked with this cheese before, but from what I saw, read and ate, it should have a creamy texture, not grainy!! anyways I tried to cream it with sugar using a spatula it sorta got together but still grainy, and I followed the recipe, but instead of making the whole batch I made a small one, now my question is is it edible (the expiration date is still in July). And what might have went wrong with the cheese, because since I opened it, it had this weird texture.

asked by Dima Haddad over 2 years ago
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added over 2 years ago

Sounds like it got frozen. My Grandfather loves doing thinking it will keep longer, but it just ruins it.

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added over 2 years ago

Maybe! the place I bought it from was keeping it in a fridge, but they might have kept them in freezers prior to that!!!

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added over 2 years ago

Sounds odd - I wonder if it was ricotta cheese rather than mascarpone? That has a more grainy texture, and doesn't go smooth when you beat it.