I bought Mascarpone cheese and it didn't look creamy

When I opened my mascarpone cheese to make egg-less tiramisu, it didn't look creamy and smooth, it rather had a grainy texture, I never cooked with this cheese before, but from what I saw, read and ate, it should have a creamy texture, not grainy!! anyways I tried to cream it with sugar using a spatula it sorta got together but still grainy, and I followed the recipe, but instead of making the whole batch I made a small one, now my question is is it edible (the expiration date is still in July). And what might have went wrong with the cheese, because since I opened it, it had this weird texture.

Dima Haddad


London_Eats May 30, 2014
Sounds odd - I wonder if it was ricotta cheese rather than mascarpone? That has a more grainy texture, and doesn't go smooth when you beat it.
ZombieCupcake May 29, 2014
Sounds like it got frozen. My Grandfather loves doing thinking it will keep longer, but it just ruins it.
Dima H. May 30, 2014
Maybe! the place I bought it from was keeping it in a fridge, but they might have kept them in freezers prior to that!!!
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