Curdled macaroni and cheese

I made the New York Times Creamy Mac and Cheese recipe and the sauce curdled. The only change I made was I used half-n-half for the milk and substituted half of the cheddar for Monterrey Jack cheese. The dish was actually delishous but the sauce was clumpy and curdled. Any advice?

  • Posted by: Kim
  • May 3, 2017


creamtea May 3, 2017
Could you provide a link to the recipe? I see a couple on their site.
If you made a stovetop custard (flour-and-butter roux, adding milk or cream and whisking until thick) first, was the grated cheese thoroughly melted in the custard before proceeding?

if you used some other method (they seem to have some cold-milk no-custard recipes) was the grated cheese evenly distributed in the other ingredients? If you did follow one of the recipes where you don't first make a stovetop custardy base, it may be that the fats in the half-and-half broke and turned grainy.

Kim May 4, 2017
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