what is a good way to prepare king salmon?



QueenSashy September 18, 2013
I like to cure it. There are many good recipes on the site and the web. I also like it slow cooked in the oven, at about 220F...
Pegeen September 17, 2013
Here's a great recipe on this site by Mrs. Larkin, using a sorrel sauce like June mentioned above. I've made it and it was delicious. I think there's another recipe on this site also using a sorrel sauce. Just do a search for salmon and sorrel.
amysarah September 17, 2013
Hard to beat a whole king salmon fillet, roasted simply in the oven and served with a salsa verde (my favorite is in the River Cafe Cookbook.) Great for entertaining too, because it's equally delicious at room temp.
sbf-ct September 17, 2013
My favorite: make a paste of a teaspoon of salt, 1/2 t of pepper, crushed garlic (think about a clove per serving) and your favorite herb... fresh & chopped is best, but dried will do.. .I often do basil, dill, thyme.. whatever.. Pensey's Spices makes a great one called Parisienne Bonnes Herbs... fantastic in this... add a bit of olive oil just to make the paste... either grill or cook under the broiler... delicious. Enjoy!
ChefJune September 17, 2013
King salmon -- if you're buying fillets -- seems to be a little drier than some of the other varieties of wild salmon. For that reason I rather enjoy poaching it in a court bouillon and saucing it with "something green" -- sorrel, tarragon, dill cream sauce. OTOH, if I (rarely) have whole fish, my favorite way to cook it is to roast it whole on the grill. Magnificence!
pierino September 17, 2013
June, excellent points on the court bouillon and especially on the sorrel, which is the perfect salmon green.
David September 16, 2013
I like Pierino's suggestion for smoke from either grilling or planking. There are several fish planking recipes on here so feel free to look up. Salmon is full of flavor as fish go so you can try your most flavorful sauces with it, most of which would overwhelm most flaky white fish. The Japanese love teriyaki salmon(sweetened soy sauce scented with garlic and ginger) I think salmon does well browned in a skillet and served atop ratatouille, wild mushrooms or a spicy salsa. Many people enjoy salmon with a spinach or mustard cream sauce.
Think about what sounds good to you and don't be afraid to experiment. You can bake or roast, pan saute and poach salmon as well as grilling or planking.
pierino September 16, 2013
You can cook it on either a wood grill (not gas) or en papillote, which means in a parchment package. Another method would be to "plank" it. For that you would use a cedar plank on your grill grates. Smoke and salmon are a mighty fine combination.
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