A question about a recipe: Spicy Shrimp

I have a question about the recipe "Spicy Shrimp" from Helen. what is a good dip for these shrimp?

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Spicy Shrimp
Recipe question for: Spicy Shrimp


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amysarah September 21, 2013
Given the flavors in the shrimp (sriracha, cilantro, etc.) a Thai peanut sauce might be nice as a dip.
Merrill S. September 21, 2013
In addition to Pierino's great suggestions, you might also consider something cooling - like a yogurt-based dip, maybe with cucumber?
pierino September 21, 2013
I think aioli would work (basically a garlic mayonaisse) but another suggestion would be to work some chopped really good anchovies (not the "pizza" ones) into good olive olive with perhaps some herb like oregano. Or you could go with a simple mayonaisse.
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