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Okay, i know hotline is for food questions, but...Does anyone else have problems accessing the website (other than hotline) on an iPhone. Anything other than hotline has recently been consistently freezing my phone and forcing me to reset.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • September 22, 2013


ATG117 October 1, 2013
And I don't have the problem with any other site
ATG117 October 1, 2013
Haven't had the problem this evening and usually it's a consistent issue. I have an iPhone 4s or 5--can't even remember which.
Anastasia September 30, 2013
I have problems with the site "freezing" on my droid as well, pretty consistently, actually.
Greenstuff September 30, 2013
I have not upgraded. Just today, I kept having pierino's paella article freeze. Finally read it on a computer. First time I'd ever noticed this issue though.
Maedl September 30, 2013
I’ve upgraded to IOS7, but haven’t tried the app. I’ve used the site through the web and it works fairly well--except that I have to click twice to get to the hotline--once on the hotline tab and then on the pop-up that says something like “ask a question . . . ."
Karl R. September 30, 2013
Hi all - I was just curious if this issue has persisted? We've tried to reproduce but haven't had any luck. Knowing whether you upgraded to ios7 recently would help too.
cookbookchick September 23, 2013
Yes, I too find that recipes freeze when I try to access them from the mobile site on my iPhone. The Hotline app is working well now, though I've never tried to post a question from it.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 23, 2013
We're so sorry to hear about the issues that you've all been experiencing. The tech team has been alerted and is looking into it. As a reminder, please drop us a line to let us know about site-related issues ([email protected]) - that's the fastest way to let us know about a problem, so we can get to work correcting it.
Maedl September 23, 2013
I didn't like the mobile site when I tried it--didn't work well with my iPad.
Kristen W. September 23, 2013
Yes! When I try to get recipes off the website I always wind up having to go to my desktop b/c my I-touch always freezes before the whole thing has loaded. I also haven't been able to post hotline questions from my I-touch (though I can answer questions from it -- go figure!). Would love for this glitch to be resolved!
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