Is it possible to take good pictures of food with an iphone?

So many people on here take beautiful photographs of their recipes. How do you do it? Is it lighting? Camera quality? All I have is an iphone, and I'd love some tips.



Summer O. May 23, 2011
I only use my Iphone to photograph for my blog. And I just got the new one and the camera is a lot better than the old one.
clintonhillbilly May 23, 2011
Thanks for the advice, and that whoopie pie looks delicious!
MrsKeller May 18, 2011
And the cropped version that I meant to post.

NOT photoshopped, just cropped.
MrsKeller May 18, 2011
Oops! Couldnt get the picture to load using my phone.

Here it is.
MrsKeller May 18, 2011
You can get great photos for posting online with just your phone.

Lighting is the key. Turn the flash off. On your iPhone, touch the screen to adjust the focus. You will be amazed how the lighting adjusts.

I don't often photograph my food, but I happened to take a picture of this mini whoopie pie at a coffeeshop the other day just because I though it was cute! I think it has really good detail.

jwolfsthal May 18, 2011
I have experimented with a bunch of cameras - both iphone, droid, and cannon point and shoot. you can get good shots, but for really compelling products, you need an SLR. I am not a great photographer by any means, but the depth of field is impossible to get with a straight digital formal. They just come out flat, even in good lighting. You need the single reflex lens to capture the detail. It is, sadly, not all driven by pixels.
Sadassa_Ulna May 18, 2011
I used my android phone for nearly all my photos but I always use natural daylight.
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