not a food question, but a hotline dilemma!

I just answered a question about MY recipe, and although I clicked "ADD" only once, the response appeared four times! Can you please fix that for me? I don't see a "Delete comment" box anywhere. Many thanks!

  • Posted by: ChefJune
  • November 13, 2011


alexlutz November 13, 2011
Hi ChefJune--repeated comments has been plaguing us in many places on the site. We are working on an overall fix for this.
Margot July 13, 2017
I had this problem today - I was trying to comment on the Baking Chez Moi cookbook post through Facebook. A pop-up said there was a problem, but then it posted the same comment multiple times! It would be great to be able to view/delete our own comments either in the thread or in the account view- I'd feel terrible if anyone thought I was trying to game the system on the competition! 😕
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