I have discovered Deb Perlman's roast chicken with grapes and black olives. Does anyone have an idea for a starch side that isn't polenta?



Marcmarc November 17, 2014
Angelhair pasta with Parmesan-r. Just the pasta and the cheese. It does something with that sauce.

Isn't that dish incredible? It makes me want to hug Deb Perlman.
Marcmarc September 26, 2013
Ha now i just have to make it five times.
amysarah September 24, 2013
I also think something simple would be best to soak up that wine/grape/olive sauce. A potato puree or even better, buttered egg noodles or spaetzle (sort of old school, but always great with a saucy full flavored dish.)
Pegeen September 24, 2013
Because of the full flavor of grapes and olives, you could try a simpler starch such as a good wild rice. Will also soak up any nice juices from the chicken.
Topquality E. September 24, 2013
How about a parsnip puree. Cook your parsnips and some potatoes in a veg or chicken stock. (about a third less potatoes than parsnip) When tender enough puree them and top with a bit of red onion marmalade
em-i-lis September 24, 2013
What about a root veggie hash? I like this one, and you could omit the smoked salmon: http://em-i-lis.com/wordpress/recipes-new-format/non-pasta-lunch-and-dinner-entrees/em-i-lis-root-vegetable-hash-with-mustards-smoked-salmon-and-carrot-top-pesto/
Or a wild rice pilaf?
drbabs September 23, 2013
We love these potatoes: http://food52.com/recipes/2532-tad-s-roasted-potatoes
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