Inspired use for Italian pistachio spread?

I bought pistachio spread (PISTACCHIELLA, similar to creme marron but made from pistachios) in Italy and have never used it. Suggestions are so welcome!

  • Posted by: ortolan
  • September 24, 2013


Susan January 9, 2021
Smear the pistachio spread on a plate, then place seared scallops on the spread.
Salvo P. December 29, 2017
In this article I talk about how we use it in Sicily
Lost_in_NYC January 29, 2017
I bought a similar jar (also on a trip to Italy) and I think the best use of it was to spread it on a really good baguette paired with some great cheese on the side and a nice bottle of cold white Italian wine to sip it down with. Enjoy!
Nancy January 29, 2017
I have a garbanzo salad recipe that uses 2 or 3 each of nuts/seeds and dried fruit if you like this pattern, use some of the pistachio spead, chopped dried fruit you like and quality beans (like Rancho Gordo). Finish with a mayo/lemon juice dressing and a green herb.
Nancy January 29, 2017
Should read:
...nuts/seeds & dried fruit. If you like thus pattern...
Melissa P. January 29, 2017
I too have just discovered this delicious delightful treasure. Keeping it simple is probably for the best. For the price, it's best you taste every creamy dreamy note. I indulge on breads, toasts or with fruit.
PazzoNico September 24, 2013
@Tobi: Do yourself a favor; indulge a little. You deserve it.
TobiT September 24, 2013
I have been dieting lately and for some reason have been deriving great and not at all tortured pleasure from reading about all the yummy things people are doing with food via the Hotline. HOWEVER, this post and answer string were just too much for me! So mouth-wateringly delicious!! Sigh...
ortolan September 24, 2013
These are all great ideas, thank you!!! Pecorino as a flavor pairing is right on--I purchased it in Pienza, pecorino central.
PazzoNico September 24, 2013
...Or warm it up with a splash of cream, milk, or water and pour over ice cream or gelato.
PazzoNico September 24, 2013
Don't over-think this one. PB&J style sandwich. Pistachiella as the peanut butter. Maybe a fig marmellata or grape jam? Or just mascarpone and honey.
Or on the savory side; ricotta with a little pecorino and black pepper (or pecorino pepato). I'm thinking ciabatta..?
pierino September 24, 2013
I agree with Crazy Nico's thinking on this. Keep it simple. Perhaps spread it on bruschette and top with thinly sliced radish, with maybe mostarda di Cremona as a garnish.
amysarah September 24, 2013
A thin layer spread in a tart shell, before layering in the fruit (small Italian 'prune' plums would be a good flavor combo, and are in season.) Works well with almond paste - and pistachio sounds even more delicious.
Sarah F. September 24, 2013
How about spreading it in the bottom of a tart crust and topping it with sweetened ricotta and candied orange peel, kind of a take on cannoli? I better find a jar of this spread!
Maedl September 24, 2013
It could be used on crepes, too.
London_Eats September 24, 2013
If the flavour is good, I would try to make some sort of mousse, but make one that can be served at room temperature to get the most of the nutty taste.

Or what about a savoury pistachio souffle?
amysarah September 24, 2013
David Lebovitz has a blog post about pistachios and pistachio paste, with a recipe for Pistachio Gelato:
Looks fantastic and I've had it saved for years, but haven't sprung for a jar to make it yet!
em-i-lis September 24, 2013
What about pistachio shortbread cookies? Those could then be dipped in chocolate!
Maedl September 24, 2013
Perhaps a sandwich cookie (with pistachios in the cookie dough) and the pistacchiella used as a filling. Probably should be some chocolate involved somewhere, too! Or as filling in a jelly roll or some sort of nut cake.
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