roulé or escargot (the pastry kind!)

I'm on the hunt for a recipe for a pastry I had in Paris last year that I believe was called roulé framboise et pistache. I've done some googling and see that Du Pain et des Idees sells a similar product called escargots chocolate et pistache. Another similar looking pastry is usually just called pain aux raisins.

I'm having trouble finding a recipe from a familiar source so I'm wondering if any of you have some suggestions. Basically it seems like a laminated dough smeared with pistachio creme that's rolled, sliced, and baked, but I'm curious if anyone has made these before. Thanks!



Chefcarsey October 13, 2019
I, like yourself, love this pastry. After researching recipes, I found only one, however, the dough was incorrect. So...after experimenting with purchased puff pastry, homemade puff pastry, and homemade brioche....I finally created it! I made a 6-turn croissant dough and made pistachio cream....and now I have them when we want them. Just like when we were in Paris.
702551 August 26, 2016
The problem is that the pastry shop where you found it called it a roulé which is leading your research down the wrong path.

In French pastry, the name roulé ("rolled") is most commonly used to describe a génoise (sponge cake) coated with some cream or preserve, then rolled. That isn't what you're looking for.

What you are looking for is a feuilleté roulé. The pastry shop that you found the item at dropped the noun, which is why your searches are going the wrong way.

Search for "feuillete roule pistaches" (you can leave out the accents) with your favorite Internet search engine and you will find plenty of hits.

Good luck.
Nancy August 28, 2016
CV, I found your comments informative.
Was able to find a low flat layer of spongecake, feuille geniose (in plain, chocolate, etc):
and roules feuilletes pistaches fruit rouges
To both jakestavis & CV - which, if either, is close to what you had or meant?
702551 August 28, 2016
Nancy August 26, 2016
It sounds wonderful! And I want the recipe when you get it and make it.
Found nothing at a couple bloggers operating out of Paris, but did find this recipe on what appears to be a British site. Doesn't look French, but the croissant dough, pistachio cream and raspberries make it sound close.
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