Want to put parsnips in roast in place of carrots with some potatoes....I've never cooked them before-any suggestions? Do I need to peel them

sugar mama


ChefJune September 24, 2013
Yes, peel them. Just like carrots!
Beatrice,Romeo September 24, 2013
You definitely need to peel them. But be mindful, parsnips will cook faster that potatoes, so get the cooking timing right, otherwise if overcook it'll become mashy.
amysarah September 24, 2013
I often include parsnips with roast root vegetables - delicious, and a sort of old fashioned, now under used vegetable, I think. Agree about peeling first.
anniepost September 24, 2013
they would be delicious...
hardlikearmour September 24, 2013
Yes, you want to peel them. Here's a little article about parsnips: http://food52.com/blog/4735-down-dirty-parsnips that may help.
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