roast veggies for lunch potluck

I want to provide roasted broccoli, carrots and onions for a lunch pot luck. I will have access to an oven but do not want to make a big production of on-site cooking. I want to avoid dealing with numerous large pans. I was thinking of doing the carrots and onions in advance and then doing broccoli just before lunch and adding the other items at end to heat thru. Would it be better to cook carrots and onions in AM and hold at room temperature rather than cook night before and have to refrigerate?



ChefJune October 22, 2015
When I roast vegetables I prep them the night (or several hours) before - cutting them into like-sized pieces and into a jumbo zip lock bag.where I add olive oil and all sorts of herbs and yummy seasonings (to taste, of course). This sits overnight in the fridge, marinating. I would do that, and then I would take that bag and your half sheet pan to the pot luck and roast the vegetables right there. Takes only about 25 minutes in a preheated 425 degree F. oven.
caninechef October 22, 2015
Thanks to both of you for opinions. I will proceed as planned and do they early cooking AM of the event and finish off on-site.
Dessito October 22, 2015
If the two options are equally easy for you, my suggestion would definitely be to do the cooking (even the earlier prep step) on the day of the event and hold at room temperature.
AntoniaJames October 22, 2015
I doubt it makes any difference. You're definitely doing the right thing by not cooking the broccoli in advance. ;o)
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