Half can of puréed pumpkin - how should I use ISP the leftovers?



rt21 September 30, 2013
Pumpkin scones are also delicious !
ATG117 September 29, 2013
Baked pumpkin oatmeal or pumpkin pancakes
healthierkitchen September 28, 2013
put a dollop in oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar!
Sam1148 September 28, 2013
Do you have a pasta maker? Make up a batch of pasta. Or make it by hand and with elbow greese and a rolling pin and lay out the sheets.
Put a tsp of the seasoned puree, mixed with some ground Italian sausage or some ground chicken cooked with a touch of fennel

You can make rustic ravioli by hand with minimal equipment.

Freeze a few of them as you only use 1tsp for each one.

For sauce: a sage and brown butter sauce, or a red bell pepper puree, a tomato sauce (maybe).
ortolan September 28, 2013
In a delicious and nutritious smoothie! Canned pumpkin is highly nutritious, so I use it instead of banana in my green smoothies, which also contain blackberry and pineapple. The flavor is neutral enough that it just provides a good textural base for a smoothie.
JanetFL September 28, 2013
Pumpkin spice cookies!
Sweets September 28, 2013
Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin loaf, or yeasted pumpkin bread (with dried cranberries)!
ZombieCupcake September 28, 2013
Cinnamon rolls, soup, pancakes, or a milk shake :)
SparkleDiana September 28, 2013
(Use up the leftovers) stupid autocorrect
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