what are your favorite ways to use canned pumpkin (besides pie or quick bread)?

and what should i do if i have a *ton* of pumpkin purée?

Caroline Lange


boulangere October 18, 2015
Crème brûlée, laced with brandy.
Lost_in_NYC October 18, 2015
When I was in Venice earlier this year, I went to this wine/tapas bar that made fresh italian tapas to sample with their vino. One such tapa that I absolutely fell in love with was a crostini with whipped ricotta, pumpkin puree, dusted with parmesan cheese, touch of salt & pepper. It was divine! I was never big pumpkin fan before but I have since converted and can't wait to make this simple rustic dish back here!
M H. October 16, 2015
I've used canned pumpkin to make curry, and it's absolutely delicious! If you just substitute some of the coconut milk for the pumpkin, you get this wonderfully flavorful dish that just screams fall--and without all that hackneyed cinnamon!
mobloom October 15, 2015
I love this pumpkin cupcake recipe of Ina Garten's:

Susan W. October 13, 2015
Seems like we had this discussion a year ago. Some great ideas on that thread. My answer still holds. My dog loves fall..she gets the leftover pumpkin from fresh and canned. Seriously, she's already starting to stare at me.

Pumpkin cheesecake and bars are great. Fun addition to a ramen. Adding a little to Merrill's brother beans is delish. Don't overdo. More is hardly ever better.
caninechef October 16, 2015
I was also going to add something along this theme. A spoon or 2 of canned pumpkin is great to help fill up chubby dogs. It is also used to help regulate the digestive system.
702551 October 13, 2015
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702551 October 13, 2015
Not that I end up with a "ton" of canned pumpkin puree frequently. Usually I buy a can when I need it for a specific dish.

I'm no hoarder. My place is too small for me to be buying "tons" of canned goods.
DM October 13, 2015
1) Add into lentil soup and blend. Guests will taste something richer but generally be unable to guess what it is. Consider adding a bit of pomegranate molasses as well.

2) Ravioli filling, with sage.
AntoniaJames October 9, 2015
Incidentally, these pumpkin cookies are quite good. https://food52.com/recipes... ;o)
aargersi October 9, 2015
In keeping with the soup theme - a while back I wanted pumpkin tortellini but had none so I made wonton wrappers with pumpkin and parmesan, poached in a tomato-y basil-broth with some spinach and carrots and it was delicious. And now I want that.
AntoniaJames October 9, 2015
Canned pumpkin just doesn't have the flavor of roasted butternut squash, so you'll want to use if for something that has a lot of bold flavors added to it. But stepping back a minute . . . . . canned pumpkin, though convenient and really great for its ability to add moisture to baked goods and its adaptability, is also rather expensive, certainly compared to roasted butternut squash. If I had extra on hand, I'd use it in muffins or quick bread or pumpkin bars (pumpkin pie filling over a short crust, preferably with a cream cheese custard layer in between) or save it in the freezer until I wanted to make one of the foregoing. ;o)
Stephanie October 9, 2015
Hoard it. There's supposed to be a shortage again this year...

But, in all seriousness, I second (third, fourth?) the soup and pasta ideas. The flavor is enough of a blank canvas to lend itself to southwestern, Indian, Caribbean, etc. Try it with pork sausage and/or poultry seasoning with pasta.

If you want to stray a bit off the beaten path, use a vanilla custard base and make pumpkin ice cream (oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches anyone?!). Think of places you might use bananas (add to oatmeal, or waffles/pancake batter, yogurt) and try pumpkin instead.
SMSF October 9, 2015
Pumpkin ravioli...use either homemade or store-bought pasta sheets. Top with browned butter and fried sage, and you have autumn on a plate.
Rebecca F. October 9, 2015
pumpkin butter! Also, I've added many a spoonful of canned pumpkin to my morning oatmeal, along with a good glug of maple syrup-- it's basically pie for breakfast!
byb October 9, 2015
I made a baked pasta dish last night with pumpkin puree, sauteed mushrooms + finely chopped kale, thyme/sage/garlic topped with a white cheddar/parm combo and it was great! A pumpkin-y bechamel would have also been tops.

I also second the soup recommendation and love the freeze in ice cube tray idea!
Nancy October 9, 2015
byb - your baked pasta dish reminds me of a butternut squash lasagna with hazelnuts and either traditional Italian or Swiss cheese. could substitute pumpkin and it would be the same delicious.
byb October 9, 2015
Ooo!! Nancy, that sounds right up my alley!
Niknud October 9, 2015
Pancakes! Or waffles work too. Curried soup with coconut milk and pumpkin puree would be delcious. But pancakes for sure. Then you can put maple butter on top and just die of happiness.
Adriana Z. October 9, 2015
Add it to smoothies!
Nancy October 9, 2015
pumpkin cheesecake or tarts.
freeze some in ice cube trays or plastic containers for future use
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 9, 2015
Making cream of pumpkin soup with chipotles and toasted pepitas.
SMSF October 9, 2015
Oh, that sounds delicious! Maybe I'll have to buy extra pumpkin this year just to have leftovers : )
ktr October 13, 2015
That sounds wonderful! Can you post the recipe you use please?
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