Is pumpkin. Purée and can pumpkin the same?



Michael October 2, 2014
Just glance at the ingredients on the can. If there's more than one, you're dealing with an altogether different monster. Even with the "100% Pure Pumpkin" cans, you're sure to spot a preservative or two in what you find on the supermarket shelf. If a recipe calls for pumpkin puree, go buy a pumpkin. But, prepare to spend some time cursing and making violent threats to pumpkins everywhere. Make sure to have a cleaver and mallet handy, too.
Just remember, delicious roasted pumpkin seeds and knowledge of exactly what you're putting in your food is the pay-off.
Nancy October 2, 2014
usually canned pumpkin and pumpkin puree are the same. if you want puree, avoid "pumpkin pie filling" which often looks the same on label pic but has spices and sugar added.
Monita October 1, 2014
Not necessarily. You want to look for a can that says 100% pure pumpkin
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