Wedding cake - refreeze?

As an anniversary surprise, my mother sent the top tier of my wedding cake via UPS, with no refrigeration or insulation. I'm not sure what shape it's in after the trip (don't want to unwrap it till I have to), but my anniversary isn't for a week. Does anyone know if I can refreeze it, keep it another few days in the fridge, or, will we be best off just eating it now? I suspect the latter but really would rather wait. It has buttercream frosting covered in fondant. Thanks so much for any help!



Peter October 1, 2013
Why not split the difference? Open it up, cut it in half. Eat half now and refreeze the other half and eat it in a week? Or even in thirds -- one third now, one third friedge and one third frozen.

For what it's worth we had a ton of wedding cake left over and froze it. We ate it at various points with the last piece going 27 months after our wedding. They all tasted as delicious as the day we got married.
ReisTanzi October 1, 2013
Thanks Peter! That's a great idea, I will probably go with this plan. We actually had a ton left over also and shared it with friends several times last fall!
ReisTanzi October 1, 2013
Thanks so much. It was only mailed yesterday so it should be edible. That is what I thought too, but I was thrown by the way it arrived and hoping to save it...thanks for the input.
hardlikearmour October 1, 2013
I think your best bet is to check on it now. Assuming it's edible at this point it would be best to eat straight away. Refreezing it will do it no favors, and neither will sitting in the fridge for another week IMO. I think both texture and flavor will only degrade with a refreeze or sitting in the fridge.
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