Coffee thread. What's your favorite way to prepare and consume coffee?

French Press, Vacuum brew, Drip, Cold extracted, percolated, or other?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • October 4, 2013


Kristen W. October 5, 2013
I'm a die-hard French press girl.
Greenstuff October 5, 2013
We've also tried them all and settled on the French press ... for now. Now ask us about grinding.
ChefOno October 5, 2013

Percolated??? Do they even still make those torture devices? Even an ibrik when used properly…

I started pressing as a method -- by far the most accurate one as it turns out -- to do "A" vs. "B" comparisons (and sometimes "C") between different roasts using identical presses set side-by-side. I found I like the increased body and reduced acidity compared to drip and willingly make the tradeoff (a little sludge in the bottom of the cup which does prevent taking that one last sip). Plus there's no "paper" taste that comes with using a filter, any filter, bleached or quote "natural" unquote.

Sam1148 October 5, 2013
I rather miss good old percolated coffee, which is now consider a bad thing. (except for buffets and church socials).
MTMitchell October 4, 2013
I'm sure we should do better is what it is. We have a coffee pot that grinds the beans, has a timer, and a carafe that keeps the coffee warm for a long time (without it being on a burner). It's not fancy, it's not fussy, I drink it black, and I love it. And coffee is hot when my husband gets up at 5, when I get up at 6, and when I have one last cup before I leave for work. With little attention from me.
Dina M. October 4, 2013
I love all preparations, but lately we've been grooving on our Chemex in our house. We've been brewing Stumptown Holler Mountain, and serving it with homemade almond milk(you'll find the recipe right here on food52). Incredibly smooth and perfect. Almond milk froths really nicely too.
ATL October 4, 2013
Hand poured Melitta--I've tried them all and think it's the best. There is a cone on the market that you can set to keep the grounds in the filter for the number of minutes you like, but I've never bothered.
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