What's the best small coffeemaker (3-5 cup)? I have a french press but dream of having my coffee ready and waiting when I wake up.



pierino November 22, 2011
I have a French press, a Moka (based on the percolater system) and a KitchenAid drip maker with no timer. I probably use the latter most often. If you grind the coffee the night before all you have to do is hit the switch---how long does that take? My own preference is for the French press even if you have to boil water first.
mtrelaun November 22, 2011
Hmm, most drip machines that come with a timer -- so you can wake up to the smell of coffee -- are designed for 10- to 12-cups. If speed is what you're after then I'd go with SKK and Kristy's suggestion of a Nespresso machine. Almost zero lag time between barely awake and fully caffeinated!
SKK November 22, 2011
I love my nespresso. Just turn it on and put the coffee thing in and it has a great flavor. I used to have a coffemaker that used an alarm to ground the coffee and turn on the coffeemaker. Too many parts to break down. Nespresso my all time favorite!
Kristy M. November 22, 2011
I'm not a coffee expert but I love French press. And nespresso because it's so convenient! Any coffee people out there have suggestions?
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