Coffee thread theme....continuing. Where do you buy your beans?

Especially mail order... Do you roast your own?

Stephanie G


creamtea October 7, 2013
I like freshly-roasted Sumatra from Whole Foods in NY. They roast their own and post the roast date. Otherwise, Gorilla, or Irving Farms. But would be very tempted to try to roast my own per Chef Ono.
ChefJune October 7, 2013
My favorite coffee is Kenya coffee. A couple of times a year I treat myself to a bag of single field Kenya beans from Intelligentsia. (It's pricy!) Other times I buy the Kenya AA at Zabars. I like how they roast their beans, and their prices are very good.
Julie S. October 7, 2013
I'm a huge fan of La Colombe Torrefaction. They do mail order, have it in their shops, Whole Foods and other gourmet shops.
ChefOno October 6, 2013

Coffee is at its peak between 4 and 24 hours post roast.

A quick overview for anyone interested:

No more difficult than making caramel…

mrslarkin October 6, 2013
I've never roasted my own beans. My favorite beans to buy - I like them better than Gorilla coffee. But Gorilla is a close second.
pierino October 6, 2013
On the Chicago Mercantile exchange trading floor.
ChefOno October 6, 2013

You're a funny guy, Pierino. I'm sure that would be a lot easier than how I used to have to procure my raw material not too many years ago. A few of us used to get together and buy broken 100# burlap bags off the docks. *Way* too much of a good thing! Now a few clicks of the mouse will bring you a pound of this and a pound of that…

Sweets October 6, 2013
My mom (a coffee fanatic) orders them from here:
ChefOno October 5, 2013

It has always puzzled me why more cooks don't roast their own coffee; it seems like such a contradiction. Pre-Internet the task was seriously hard core but today the whole thing is pretty straight-forward. Yes, there's a learning curve and, yes, ideally there's some specialized equipment involved. But such is the search for perfection…

Best all-around source:

Also highly recommended:

One of my favorite beans is Maui Grown's red catuai:

creamtea October 7, 2013
which method do you use, ChefOno?
ChezHenry October 5, 2013
Porto Rico Importing Company.

I am fortunate enough to live near one in Greenwich Village. Organic Peruvian French Roast.
Anastasia October 5, 2013
I am a huge fan of Vermont Coffee Company and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Vermont Coffee Co has a dark roast that is to die for.
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