How long should I leave shrimp in lime juice when making civeche

  • Posted by: AJ
  • October 5, 2013


pedant October 6, 2013
No more than 20 minutes!! Do not cook.
pierino October 6, 2013
I'm in the not cook camp. For ceviche you will most likely be cutting them into small pieces. You can let them brew for up to thirty minutes but I wouldn't go beyond that. And if you are in a coastal region where you can buy live shrimp, better still.
jeinde October 5, 2013
I presume you are cooking the shrimp first. Generally you only "cook" white fishes and scallops in the lime juice when making ceviche. For shrimp, cook first then add to the other ingredients in ceviche shortly before serving. If they are in the juice too long they will start getting tough.
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