My boyfriend hunted wild boar this weekend. I have the WONDERFUL "problem" of a freezer with two shoulders, two legs, and two racks of ribs. Thoughts?

I'd love to know what to do with what-- bolognese, ragu, roast, grill, braise? I'd love to do something creative beyond my Cuban/Latin fortes of roasted things (lechon, carnitas, etc).

Laila Pedro


Laila P. October 7, 2013
If she does part with it...let me know ;)
CondimentQueen October 7, 2013
My mother-in-law makes a fantastic wild boar pate. Not sure if she will part with the recipe but thought I'd throw the idea out there anyway.
Laila P. October 7, 2013
Thank you, Pierino!
pierino October 7, 2013
In Italy wild boar is a thing of beauty. You can't actually buy it at the butcher, you have to know a hunter. Best preparations are both the braise and ragu. For the latter you might need to do a little meat grinding by your ownself. But the most typical flavoring agents apart from aromatic veg would be rosemary, and juniper berries.
aargersi October 7, 2013
There is also Jesse Griffith's wonderful book Afield - he hunts and fishes all manner of things, and provides some great recipes. Wild boar among them, and sausage making as well with said boar
Laila P. October 7, 2013
Thank you for the book recommendation!
ChefJune October 7, 2013
How fat (or should I ask how lean) is the meat? Boar is a close relative of the pig. You could do a porchetta of a shoulder, the rack sounds like chops to me. John Ash has a wonderful game book I always go to when I receive such an embarrassment of riches. He's never disappointed me. Don't know if the book is still in print, but it might be in your local library, OR you could go on his web site, and ask his advice.
Laila P. October 7, 2013
June, this is great-- I adore porchetta and have never made one, so this is a perfect opportunity. What an excellent thought. And I'll check out John Ash's site as well. Thanks!
ZombieCupcake October 7, 2013
Carnitas sounds great! Here is a recipe for some hearty lo mein for the days you need something to warm you up
Laila P. October 7, 2013
thank you! looks fabulous
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