Basil amount equivalents. Dried versus fresh.



dotparker October 8, 2013
Panfusine, I appreciate Ur original answer. It was helpful. I m a basic scratch cook. I don't fancy myself to be a chef extrodinaire. When I can get to the farmers market I buy fresh basil. I wouldn't know about IHOP because I do not eat any processed food, or any food from sentient beings. Don't dwell on it too much Pierino, you're alright. Thanks again Panfusine!
pierino October 7, 2013
Dried basil is not in any way equivalent to fresh. It might look classy sprinkled on a plate next to your eggs at IHOP but it doesn't impart a flavor anything close to a chiffonade of fresh leaves.
Panfusine October 8, 2013
AMEN to that pierino, (although the IHOP description makes it sound a trifle more disgusting!)
Panfusine October 7, 2013
I usually follow the rule of about 1 tsp dried = 2 tsp fresh
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