What causes a lot of air bubbles in a cake?

Admittedly I am not a baker. But, I made a Devils food cake & when I split the layers I see huge air bubbles. I beat the pans down, so no clue what happened. Any thoughts?

Chef Lisa


mensaque October 8, 2013
Maybe you could explain it through Physics:wormholes!Your cake turned out to be from another dimension...So good,it was out of this world!No,just kidding!!!I'm with Cynthia on this one.It's just chemical reaction.
ChefJune October 8, 2013
Overbeating your batter could also lead to air pockets in the finished cake.
boulangere October 8, 2013
Did you sift your dry ingredients? It could be that you experienced what is known as "tunneling", which occurs when leavenings (baking soda and/or baking powder) find themselves in clumps, even very small ones. Rather than creating leavening evenly throughout the cake, they expand in a tunnel.
yo October 8, 2013
Use an electric mixer on med speed and gently drop cake pan on counter so the air bubbles w. rise to the top should bake without bubbles
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