Any suggestions a ham bone with a little meat on it, that's full of flavor? Peach and pineapple pan drippings are yummy too.



katherine_ellington November 29, 2010
Just so y'all know, I got my pot of red (kidney) beans on the stove, used the recipe above with the ham bone. 2 hours = an incredible dish full or rich flavor reconnecting me with my southern roots. Thanks!
Martin69 November 29, 2010
I usually make a ham for Easter, save the ham bone for when it starts getting cool. Then make a large pot of pinto beans slow cooked with the ham bone. Now, if you have ever cooked pinto beans with a ham bone in it for 12 hours, add salt and pepper to flavor. Can I just say, that is the best tasting beans you will ever eat! And the best part is, the meat on the bone falls off for you, and any marrow in the bone adds flavor! Try it, you'll like it!
casa-giardino November 29, 2010
lentils and ham bone - Cook lentil and ham bone and set aside.
Saute' a little garlic and onion, add celery. When tender, mix in lentils and ham pieces.
JessieLK November 29, 2010
arroz con grandules is a great recipe for that too.
aargersi November 29, 2010
This is what I do!
katherine_ellington November 29, 2010
Love the red beans and rice recipe. Will send picture of my bowl.
drbabs November 29, 2010
I'm with pierino on this one. Here's a recipe--you can add celery and bell pepper if you like.

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pierino November 29, 2010
Me? I would go to work on red beans and rice. Throw a smoked hock into the pot as well along with some celery, green pepper and onion an ooh la la!

Pull the meat off the bone and the hock, toss the bones away as they've done their work. Add the meat with beans and seasonings back in and cook all afternoon e voila!
AntoniaJames November 29, 2010
Any bean soup, especially split pea soup. Would probably not add the pan drippings, though, but who knows, maybe I'd stir in a spoonful into a bowl of the cooked soup and taste it to see. ;o)
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