Short on butter for icing

I'm making an icing this morning and just realized I have only 80 grams of butter when I need 100. The recipe also calls for 250 grams of cream cheese, which I have extra of. Could I just add in 20 extra grams of cream cheese to fill it out? Or could I use some vegetable shortening or my smart Blend butter (ie fake butter) to replace the missing 20 grams? Or should I just scale the recipe down? I already know I won't use all of it.



WannabeBaker October 11, 2013
I went with scaling it down - I ended up juuuuuust barely having enough, but it worked! Thanks for the feedback.
Greenstuff October 11, 2013
Or why not scale it down since you don't need it all? You're using 80% of the butter, So, 80% of the cream cheese would be 200, and 80$ of your sugar would be its weight times 0.8.
mrslarkin October 11, 2013
I'd use the veg shortening. But the fake butter will prob work too.
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