Cream Cheese amount reduction

Kraft Japan reduced the amount in a box of Philly cream cheese from 250 grams (8 ounces) to 200 grams (7.05 ounces). Did they do so in the States too? How are you dealing with this? Recalculate recipes or just add enough cream cheese to make the original proportion?



LeBec F. March 18, 2012
susan, i did a ratio of ounces: losing 1 ounce out of 8 is a loss of 12.5% i believe.

boulder, if you need 4 old 8 ounce boxes of cream cheese in a recipe,32 ou., then why not get a 5th box (new 7 ou size, 35 ou.)and you'll only have 3 ounces left over/ no big deal, right? Add lots of tamari and toasted sesame seeds, take with crackers, and thank me in the morning, eh?!!
BoulderGalinTokyo March 18, 2012
Well,.... tamari, sesame seeds, and cream cheese would make good sushi, I guess...
BoulderGalinTokyo March 17, 2012
LE BEC FIN and Susan G thank you for your comments. I think I was thinking of susan's math. And as I would like to say, "fo-GED aboudit"! but in a recipe of 3 or 4 boxes of cream cheese, I would need an extra box to become the previously needed amount. And as ATG117 said think about how you're using it , doesn't matter if just spreading it, but I thought it really matter when baking?
susan G. March 16, 2012
and about Kraft ... the annoying thing they have done here is to drop the "Neufchatel" name for the reduced fat version. It appears that they are still making it, but are now labeling it "Cream Cheese 1/3 less fat." I want to buy Neufchatel, and I want to buy prunes. Akin to the PC phenomenon, and just as silly..
susan G. March 16, 2012
That's a 20% reduction. One possibility is to reduce the rest of the recipe by that amount. Just to be stubborn, I would try adding the extra ounce in milk or cream so the volume is the same. I wouldn't let them get away with selling twice as many packages!
LeBec F. March 16, 2012
1 ou. out of 8 ou. is not a 20% reduction; it's a 12% reduction. And your cheeecake recipes are probably all for at least 1-2 lb of cream cheese, yes Boulder?if so, then 1 ou becomes even less of a reduction and therefore, less critical. In which case i say, "fo-GED aboudit"! and make the cheesecake as usual, just with 1 ounce less of cream cheese.
susan G. March 16, 2012
I computed from the gram weight -- a difference of 50 grams; 50/250 = 1/5 = 20%. What kind of math does Kraft use? 1.05 ounce = 29.8 gm.
BoulderGalinTokyo March 15, 2012
It's just so frustrating to have to re-do all the cheesecake recipes.
ATG117 March 15, 2012
And that's a pretty unpleasant typo in the second sentence, which should say "add."
ATG117 March 15, 2012
I haven't noticed any difference in the packaging here, though I haven't looked closely in some time. For recipes, as long as it's not something forgiving that you can do to taste, I would ass enough cream cheese t equal the measurement called for--annoying, I realize, when you have to buy a second pack of cream cheese for an ounce.
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