I want to make bisquits, but I don't have butter.



Nora November 30, 2010
If you have 2 cups of flour, use 1/3 cup vegetable oil and 2/3 cup milk. They'll be just fine, although as Kayb says--no butter to go on them while they're hot? Sad.
Kayb November 29, 2010
If you have NO other fat, and no whipping cream, you can use vegetable oil, but your biscuits won't be as light and fluffy. I'm also of the opinion it's pointless to make biscuits unless you have butter to spread on them while they're hot.
nutcakes November 29, 2010
Oh yes, I forgot you can use whipping cream, good one but I'm unlikely to have it on hand.
Gale November 29, 2010
whipping cream - circa 1c to 2c flour (self rising or AP w/salt & baking powder) - old recipe from White Lily flour
nutcakes November 29, 2010
I'd use shortening and or margarine in a pinch. If you are using buttermilk, that will help a bit with flavor.
mrslarkin November 29, 2010
Do you have shortening (Crisco), or lard, or bacon fat?
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