This just may be in my head, but does anybody else notice the funny taste in crockpot cooking? It is always there for me...kind of a mild metal taste, or sweet milk taste...something like that. I have stopped using our crockpot, because I can't stand that after-taste. It does not seem to matter what I am cooking. It is always there.


Cliff Butter
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Cat771 January 27, 2024
It’s not just you. Hence how I located this place. I have cooked in mine 3 times now and still taste metalish
Liz November 9, 2023
It is not in your head. I recently bought a slow cooker, have used it twice and each time had to discard chemical tasting casseroles. I have binned at least £20.00 worth of ingredients and this poisoned chalice is going back to the shop!
Shary December 17, 2020
I have a slow cooker. There's also a slow cook function on my Instant Pot. I don't use either one. I'd much rather use the pressure cooker or my stove. Crockpot meals always taste like they came out of a can, even if every ingredient used was fresh. Obviously a good many ingredients were never meant to spend all day languishing on low heat.
Donna P. January 21, 2020
I used pressure cooker back in the 70s, 80s & 90s...never cared for taste of meat that was pressure cooked...tasted weird, strong to it was basically boiled meat...
I’m sure it’s ideal for busy families, but I like to stir the stew, boil the beans and eat crispy meat...
Jacquelyn S. March 17, 2018
Us too. It smells horrible like leaching chemicals. I'm ready to throw it out. The food stinks too after. Really disappointed as we just got the crockpot pressure cooker.
nutcakes March 18, 2018
Do you have a ceramic insert? Mine with ceramic inserts (I now have 3) don't make any smell or taste. I use it mainly for pot roasts and to make shredded beef or chicken in spicy sauce for tacos.

By the way, you don't really have to answer threads that are 7 years old. I suppose you can, since it doesn't look like they close them ever, but the original poster may be long gone and not looking for an answer after 7 years, lol.
Smaug March 19, 2018
The original poster may be gone, but a lot of questions are of general interest and don't really lose their validity- I for one am interested in what people have to say on this subject. My own experience with crockpots- I bought a good one at no small expense, tried several recipes from generally dependable sources, and didn't like any of them, though I don't remember a particular consistent off taste. Coupled with the fact that recipe timing of recipes tended to have me furiously at work at 3:30 AM- a bit early for even a morning freak like myself- I ended up donating it.
Marla C. February 4, 2019
I’ve noticed it on my new Instapot. Seems to happen with beef. Ready to ditch it.
askann November 30, 2010
I know what you mean about the funny taste. I've had the best luck avoiding it with fatty pork dishes in strong sauces. Like pulled pork or a sort of Asian thing with soy, brown sugar, lots of ginger, etc.
campagnes November 30, 2010
Totally agree, spiffypaws. I have a large, high-end crockpot, enamel liner, yada yada yada, but I just don't like the way the food turns out. So I fashioned some dividers and use it to keep party foods warm. And I've always thought the same thing about browning meat before adding to the crockpot; I guess since I never like the food anyway, I don't want to bother dirtying another pan.
spiffypaws November 30, 2010
I only use my crockpot at parties to keep foods warm. I think that unless you have tons of space a crockpot is a huge waste of space. You can do the same thing better by braising on the cooktop or in the oven. It's especially a waste of time and space when the recipe requires you to brown the meat in a separate pan, then put in crockpot.
Soozll November 30, 2010
I don't use mine often but I have noticed that when I have used it for recipes with meat and vegetables, the long, slow cooking time melds the flavors too much. It's like the sweetness in the vegs permeate the sauce that developes and it's not as savory as I would expect from braising or pot roasting. I've never made recipes with prepackaged ingredients (like canned or dried soup mixes), so maybe I'm not getting as much sodium in my preparations.
POTATO November 30, 2010
If your crockpot is coated w/ a non-stick coating it is most likely leaching several chemicals in to your food, some of which are known-carcinogens. You can read about it with a simple internet search. I did a lot of reading on the subject, spoke to my doctor about it, and in the end tossed out all my teflon/non-stick coated pots and pans. Not everyone would react like I did, but it's worth learning about the chemicals that end up in our food.
Peter November 30, 2010
If your crockpot has a metal pot and you're using something acidic like tomato, I imagine there could be some leeching of metal if it's not a high-end crockpot. If you love crockpot cooking, you might want to look around for new crockpot with a ceramic or stainless insert.
isabelita November 30, 2010
Ditto! After several different recipes the funny taste was still there. I finally decided this type of cooking was not for me and sold it at a yard sale to a very happy customer. I also did not like the idea of leaving it unattended for so many hours.
pierino November 30, 2010
It gets down to this, a slow cooker is a convenience appliance and not a real culinary tool. You have to make choices. You can now buy an expensive machine for sous vide at home. That's a choice I am not selecting. But back to slow cookers, it really does get down to how much work and loss of sleep you are willing to put into a meal.
campagnes November 30, 2010
Like nutcakes, I don't use my crockpot often, but I've noticed that if I use it to make a tomato-based dish, I don't like the flavor as much as if I would've made it on the stove. Hard to describe, but I guess it's kind of a sweet milk/metallic flavor. The flavors just don't seem as sharp or bright to me.
betteirene November 30, 2010
Yup. It's there. It's hard to describe, but it's definitely there. It's not strong enough to be totally off--putting, though. There's less of that taste when I sear and brown the meat first and soften the onions, and I no longer add a bay leaf to the pot.
nutcakes November 29, 2010
Although I don't use my crockpot much, just occasionally. The few things I have made do not have any taste like that.
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