I have leftover rice from a wonderful Indian restaurant and don't want to waste it. What is the best rice pudding recipe out there?

Rice pudding

  • Posted by: Bek
  • October 14, 2013


Panfusine October 15, 2013
It would also depend on what kind of rice it is, restaurant style Basmati does not lend it self to a creamy rice pudding, since the grains tend to be separate, If its a jasmine rice , then just add 2 cups of regular milk , some crushed cardamom and cook it down till its soft, add 1/2 a cup of condensed milk,, some toasted cashews and you'll have some fabulous Paayasam (Indian style rice pudding)
Erica October 15, 2013
add a can of coconut milk, a bit of cardamom, some sugar and maybe some golden raisins and a few chopped pistachios. stir and simmer til the milk is absorbed. taste for the sugar and spice(s). yum.
ZombieCupcake October 14, 2013
Really a matter of a opinion and good pairing. Say you like apples for example use shed 1 apple, pour a 3/4 cup milk (or milk sub) handful of pecans, cinnamon and maple syrup over medium heat for about 15minutes. That would make a nice simple rice pudding.
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