Right now (and often) I have leftover, cooked, long-grain brown rice. I want to make a custard-type rice pudding with it. Favorite recipe, someone?

Last recipe I tried left the rice too starchy. Any ideas? I'm free to use any ingredients, no restrictions. But SIMPLE is best; I hate cooking. No bain-marie, SVP! Thanks, All!

  • Posted by: sydney
  • January 16, 2016


702551 January 17, 2016
Savory rice pudding is not particularly common.

A savory dish that uses leftover rice that is very common is fried rice. A billion people on this planet may have fried rice in the next day or two.

Many versions of fried rice reheat superbly in microwave ovens. Unsurprising that billions of cooks on this planet choose to repurpose leftover rice this way.
LeBec F. January 17, 2016
z, have you tried short grain brown rice? I love the chewy nuttiness of it. Same easy prep. Not your request, but here's my fav entree using leftover short grain rice:

Also, if you have a nearby Trader JOe's, they sell a box of pouches of precooked multigrain that's really neat.
sydney January 17, 2016
Thanks, Le Bec Fin! As it happens, my son asked if a savoury rice pudding exists, and what a perfect example of an easy and clearly successful recipe. Plus it's a portable lunch for a gluten-free kid. :-)
sydney January 17, 2016
Thanks very much, Nancy and Ali! :-)
Ali S. January 17, 2016
Think this was written for you! https://food52.com/blog/14377-use-this-template-to-make-rice-pudding-your-way
Nancy January 17, 2016
Molly Katzen recipe in Moosewood Cookbook. Tasty, easy, reliable.
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