What type or brand of airtight containers do you store your grains and flours in? Where have you bought them? Mine are just the pits and I can't seem to find any decent ones locally. Many thanks!



PureJoy August 11, 2022
Le Parfait all the way!! 😊🇫🇷https://www.leparfait.com/ Amazon also carries them.
POTATO December 1, 2010
I'm a big fan of glass containers when it comes to food storage. It's durable, lasts forever, inexpensive and it doesn't leach chemicals in to food the way plastic does. It's also recyclable. I have all different sizes depending on what i'm using it for.

For small needs, especially in the refrigerator in lieu of plastic bags, I use these: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/kitchen-and-food/food-containers-storage/set-of-12-storage-bowls-with-clear-lids/s380520 I must have at least 30 of them. I store everything from leftover veggies that I've prepared, 1/2 an onion I didn't use, leftover salmon that I roasted and on & on. I also use them in the pantry to store dried beans or rolling up a bag of 1/2 eaten chocolate chips (yes, i'm guilty) and putting them in one of these.

For bigger storage needs, I like Pyrex. You can buy it at Bed Bath, Target, etc. Comes in all different sizes and they come with a plastic lid. Plus, you can bake in them as well so they serve another purpose in your kitchen. http://pyrexware.com/index.asp?pageId=14&CatID=380&SubCatID=398

Here is a link to other storage options. I love the Littala glass jars, I have a couple of them but they are expensive. However, they are very nice looking and can be kept on the counter w/ style! http://remodelista.com/rooms/kitchen/food-storage?view=99

betteirene December 1, 2010
I'm glad to learn I'm not the only person here who doesn't have a complete set of matching storage containers. I mix and match like the rest of you because there isn't one company that makes one style of container for all my food storage needs. Hey--that's a way for one of us to get rich: Invent a food storage system that's green, inexpensive, widely available and comes in sizes from squat and tiny (for saffron) to tall and thin (spaghetti) to industrial sized (AP flour).

If you go for commercial containers, whether Cambro or rubberized opaque plastic, the lids for the squared-off containers give a fit that's more airtight and is less likely to be jostled off than the round lids, but the round lids last longer because they're less prone to crack at the corners. (A specification to keep in mind if you've selected yourself to be the person who'll engineer the next generation of Tupperware/Rubbermaid.
Bevi November 30, 2010
For the big stuff I use gallon glass jars. Otherwise, I use Tupperware and Bell jars.
If you go to IKEA you can find a whole range of options.
spiffypaws November 30, 2010
For the large quantitly stuff, I use Cambro containers w/ lids. They are very inexpensive. You can find them at restaurant supply stores, Sam's Club and prob. Costco. For the smaller stuff, I use Ball canning jars w/ plastic screw top lids. ACE hardware stores (of all places!) sell plastic lids for ball canning jars. For stuff I keep on display on shelves and counters, I use Le Parfait canning jars, because I love the way they look.
vvvanessa November 30, 2010
i buy restaurant-quality, clear, square cambro containers. they're stackable and durable. i have 6-quart containers for things like sugar and flour, which i use a lot of, and i have 2-quart containters for things like beans and grains-- i usually keep 2 or 3 bags of different grains in each container.
phyllis November 30, 2010
I use big glass jars for flour(s) and sugar, and smaller Rubbermaid plastic containers for brown sugar, etc. I'm happy that baking powder & soda now come in plastic containers with screw tops (perhaps not so good for ecological-minded, but they are convenient).

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Queen O. November 30, 2010
Texas heat + humidity + bugs = glass jars all the way (besides they are durable, inexpensive, very re-usable and look good.

I have purchased all sizes up to a gallon (which holds a typical 5 lb bag of flour). Gallon jars cost about $10 new (as mentioned above) can sometimes be found from people in food service (I have two which were used by a local salad dressing maker) or yard sales.

Look for Ball or Kerr mason jars in canning supplies. My regular old grocery store carries sizes up to a quart (and I live in a city). I often just label the jar with sharpie, since a row of grains or flours may look similar.
beachcomber November 30, 2010
I have pretty old Tupperware that I keep my flour and sugar in. Mostly I use bale-type jars and a few big old pickle jars and have never had a problem. I do use the flours up relatively quick since, over time, anything will go rancid so don't buy a 25 pound bag if you're not going to use it up. I have seen big storage containers at a local Cash & Carry which is a restaurant supply store so you might look for something like that in your area.
Verdigris November 30, 2010
I purchase mine from Walmart. They come in 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon sizes. They are squarish in shape. The smaller ones cost about 4 dollars and the larger ones in 5 dollars. They have screw on lids.

I guess I should say they are nearly airtight. I am not sure they are 100%. But they do a dang good job of keeping things reasonably fresh and I no longer have a weevil problem as these jars prevent them from moving into another container.
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