Help with tailgate theme - Denver Broncos vs. Washington Redskins

Hey there - You all helped me with the Philly Cheese Steaks during our Broncos/Eagles tailgate. Now the Redskins are coming to Denver. Any ideas on a theme? We'd like to prepare food that will represent the DC area - Thoughts?



Maedl October 21, 2013
Personally, I'd go with the crabcakes, although they are more associated with Maryland. In DC, mumbo sauce, , and half smokes are almost iconic. Martinis are pretty ubiquitous, too.
inpatskitchen October 21, 2013
Senate Bean Soup?
bulldawgmama October 21, 2013
Oh nice - I hadn't heard of that before, but Google has offered some great recipes. Thanks!

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Winifred R. October 21, 2013
I'd go with crabcake sliders or rockfish (striped bass). Crabcakes are ubiquitous around the Chesapeake, and striped bass are coming into season.
bulldawgmama October 21, 2013
Thanks - this is a great suggestion. Crabcake sliders sound awesome. Appreciate your help.
amysarah October 21, 2013
Classic old school potato skins - stuffed with sour cream, good bacon, chopped green onion, jalapenos, whatever - but made with "red skinned" potatoes. (Kind of obvious, but....)
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