My strawberry jam is all fading! Still tastes OK but so NOT pretty ... any thoughts on how to prevent that in the future? This stuff will end up in bread puddings and such ...

  • Posted by: aargersi
  • September 12, 2010


luvcookbooks September 15, 2010
Mrs. Wheelbarrow is the person to ask. You can send her a question on her Twitter site or through Food 52.
Sally September 12, 2010
I agree, lemon juice and storing in a dark place should do it. Did you use pectin? Jams made with pectin have a lot more water and I'm guessing would therefore potentially fade more easily
aargersi September 12, 2010
Yeah it's in the pantry on the floor - well so I guess some light gets it when I am rooting around in there. Also I can't remember if I added lemin juice or not ... hmmm ...
TiggyBee September 12, 2010
I know this sounds silly, but my Grandmother always added a vitamin C tablet to the jar. It's one of those weird things I would never think of!! : )
Amanda H. September 12, 2010
Do you store it in a dark place?
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