I want to buy a food mill as a gift, but having never used one I'm not sure what's the most important aspect to look for. There are plastic ones, metal ones, some come with multiple disks???Any suggestions?



babycook December 1, 2010
Thanks all. I've found the BBnB one, and I think I'll go with that.
innoabrd December 1, 2010
I've had both plastic and metal and the stainless steel is definately the way to go!
pierino December 1, 2010
Heavier the better. These are real work horse tools in your kitchen. It performs tasks that a food processor can't. And it's beauty is that it's totally analog---all elbow grease.
Rivka December 1, 2010
sorry, "3-DISK" food mill.
Rivka December 1, 2010
The one I have is the "3-dish food mill" from BedBath. It cost $29, it cleans easily, and it stores as small as a food mill can. I'm pretty happy with it.
aargersi December 1, 2010
Definitly NOT a plastic one - you want one that will last - I would go metal. And the mutiple disks give you different grades or textures right? I would go for the cadillac version, metal, discs, the works - well how much do you love the recipient? (just kidding on that last - go for it I say!!)
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