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For the last month or so, I have to log in every time I respond to a question on the Hotline. This never used to happen--I stayed logged in for months, even when I was traveling and accessing the Internet from various destinations. Do I need to change my settings or is this some sort of new security effort? Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • Posted by: Maedl
  • October 28, 2013


ChefJune October 29, 2013
Maedl: I had issues with lots of things on Safari. I'm exclusively using Firefox on my Mac and have no problems now.
Lindsay-Jean H. October 29, 2013
Thanks Maedl!
Maedl October 29, 2013
I have Safari on both the iPad and the Mac set to block cookies from third parties and advertisers. This is the only site that makes me log in each time I use it--a few other sites make me log in if I am traveling. Will send the link you requested in a few minutes. Thanks!
Lindsay-Jean H. October 29, 2013
Just in case my message didn't go through, or in case others are reading this that are having the same issues, it would help us to know a few more things. Do you have any settings in place for cookies (for example, do you have your browser setup to clear cookies each time you close it)? Do you have issues like this on any other site where you have to log back in after returning? And finally, if you could go to www.aboutmybrowser.com and send us the link it automatically creates for you, that would be extremely helpful. Many thanks!
Lindsay-Jean H. October 28, 2013
No worries -- we're sorry you're having troubles! I'm going to send you a private message with a couple more questions that will help the tech team sort it out asap!
Maedl October 28, 2013
Lindsay-Jean, I use the hotline via the website, both on a Mac and an iPad. It happens with both devices. I haven’t used the app--I tried it in the beginning and found it a bit dicey. Sorry I posted this on the hotline, but I couldn’t remember where I was supposed to post it!
Lindsay-Jean H. October 28, 2013
Hi Maedl - thanks for letting us know, we've alerted the tech team to the bug. Is this happening on the Hotline app or the website? Just as a reminder, the best way to let us know about any issues is to shoot us an email at [email protected]. Thanks!
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