A question about a recipe: Saag Paneer

I have a question about the recipe "Saag Paneer" from Merrill Stubbs. Can this be frozen after i add the buttermilk? I know it can be without it, but I have a lot of buttermilk on hand. Thanks! ;o)

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Saag Paneer
Recipe question for: Saag Paneer


AntoniaJames November 6, 2013
Thanks, Merrill! I didn't get this until it was too late (I left town the next day), so I did a little experimented and put half of the extra in the freezer with and the other half without. If the batch with isn't gorgeous, no worries . . . I'll just stuff it into rotis with some tamarind/cilantro fish and all will be well. I often use small portions of leftovers of this, without the cheese, as a sauce in wraps, like that. I've also stuffed phulka roti with the saag + paneer (usually with some cucumber slivers), just for a change from the usual "over rice." So, so good. ;o) P.S. I'll let you know the results of my experiment.
Merrill S. November 2, 2013
Have actually never frozen it myself, but I think it might be a little risky to do it with the buttermilk already in there - would hate for it to get grainy on you.
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