What could be a substitute for the coconut that would still make this pie gluten free? http://food52.com/recipes/24716-raw-vegan-pecan-pie

  • Posted by: Bevi
  • October 31, 2013


Cookease November 1, 2013
You might try googling coconut substitutes....
Cookease November 1, 2013
There is NO gluten in coconut... Gluten is associated with wheat flours... Google " gluten" and you will understand when you have to be concerned about whether there could possibly be an issue with ingredients
Bevi November 1, 2013
The person for whom I am making this pie does not like coconut - it's a taste preference concerning the coconut.
Bevi November 1, 2013
Thanks for your help, SJ.
SeaJambon October 31, 2013
I suspect that any just about any vegetable oil (safflower is always my favorite) would work, since the recipe is asking for "melted".
Bevi October 31, 2013
Thanks, SeaJambon. Do you have a recommendation for the crust to replace te coconut oil? Maybe vegetable oil?
SeaJambon October 31, 2013
With a disclaimer that I've never made this recipe, looking at it, I'm thinking the coconut is for texture and stickiness (to help hold all those nuts together). With that in mind, I wouldn't worry about texture but would increase the dates by the 1/4 cup of coconut you won't be using to make sure the overall crust had adequate stickiness to hold together.
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