New Layout 2013

Is it just me or are there others out there who are not totally digging the new layout?!



ATG117 November 6, 2013
Can I suggest you create a way to email the editors straight from the site? I know going to gmail should be just as easy, but it's not user friendly. I myself often come across glitches and, when I'm on my phone (which is a majority of the time), I don't feel like pulling up my email. And so I often don't email or I post here when I know I shouldn't. Perhaps I need Shavuot modification, but I do think most sites have " customer service" links.
meganvt01 November 5, 2013
I would like the option of being able to view the full site on a mobile device.
Veronica November 4, 2013
Totally agree!
Lindsay-Jean H. November 4, 2013
Thanks for the feedback! The new design is undergoing testing, and we have more adjustments in the works before we roll it out 100%. Hopefully the additional tweaks we have planned will help!

We always want to hear your thoughts on the site, but just as a reminder, the Hotline was designed to be a resource and help line for cooks of all levels, a chance for every cook to have their cooking questions answered by a person. So while we appreciate your input, the Hotline isn't the most appropriate location for opinions about various features on Food52. We certainly welcome your questions and feedback, but we request that they be shared with us via email. You can always reach us at [email protected].

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DeborahBr November 3, 2013
Me too. It is too busy, too complicated and visually pretty unattractive.
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