butter milk vs cultured butter milk?

I always understood that buttermilk refers to the milk left over from making butter. However, these days I see buttermilk culture. Are they both called buttermilk? Or do you sometimes culture the cream with the buttermilk culture before making butter?

Just as background, I'm use to making butter with the pure agitation (churning) method, and have recently started making butter with Fil Mjolk starter culture (you culture the cream like yoghurt, then churn the butter). However, the buttermilk culture is something completely different than these two methods.

If it's not for making butter, what's the buttermilk culture for?



trampledbygeese November 18, 2013
Another question

If I make butter with cultured milk, then the remaining buttermilk would be called....?

The culture used to make the butter is different than a just buttermilk culture (different bacteria), and I'm thinking the fat content of the two buttermilks is different too... but can I use buttermilk from cultured butter making to make cheese that call for cultured buttermilk? Or am I restricted to using recipes that make cheese from traditional buttermilk?
Maedl November 6, 2013
There have been several discussions about buttermilk on the Hotline, so you might want to check those, but this explanation on Wikipedia clarifies the difference between the old fashioned buttermilk and cultured buttermilk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buttermilk
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