Chocolate Soufflé- Gluten Free flour replacement

My family makes chocolate soufflé every Christmas Eve, but I’ve recently needed to go gluten free as I’m in process of getting a celiac diagnosis.

The recipe calls for three tablespoons of AP flour to help build some of the structure (chocolate souflees often need extra help holding up the weight of the chocolate).

I’m really new to GF baking. Can I substitute it one to one with any AP GF flour? Is there a brand that would be preferable, or another solution I’m not aware of for this?



Nancy December 14, 2022
Two suggestions.
Chocolate mousse (many good recipes here and at other sites). Garnish with raspberries (or another red fruit) and mint.
Chocolate cheesecake without a crust. In effect, a very rich pudding. Serve as is, or garnish with a nut brittle to add some crunch.
Nancy December 12, 2022
I expect someone else with more GF flour experience will provide advice on converting the chocolate soufflé.
Just wondering if you’re open to other suggestions- like KEEPING the family’s traditional soufflé (a taste and recipe much lived by all) and ADDING another chocolate dessert, this one GF.
Nancy December 12, 2022
“Much loved by all”
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