What are old fashion bitters and what kind of shop can I get them at



dymnyno November 10, 2013
You can usually find Angostura bitters in the liquor section of most grocery stores. There are so many wonderful flavors that you can choose from to be found in liquor stores. (in CA anyway)
pierino November 9, 2013
John Smith, who I think arrived with the Pilgrims is correct. Although the Pilgrims frowned on anything that was actually fun. You can find Angostura at practically any liquor store. But then, here comes my usual plea; keep away from Amazon because they are evil. Support your local brick and mortar and the people who work in them because you are tearing down your community if you don't.

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John S. November 9, 2013
The term old fashion refers to a cocktail that uses aromatic bitters. Fee Brothers makes an aromatic bitter that uses the old fashion reference in its name. It's very intensely flavored - cinnamon and allspice mainly. A less intense and more popular brand is Angostura. Bitters are made from the bark of the Angostura tree. Fee Bros. is available at Amazon and probably higher end liquor stores. Angostura brand is in most grocery stores in with the cocktail mixes.
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