Home made cottage tge old fashioned way

I’m trying to make cottage cheese from scratch. But having trouble getting a workable recipe. Some say can use buttermilk others vinegar or lemon juice. Plz help. Milk heating as I write this

Old fashioned
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1 Comment

Lori T. August 18, 2020
It depends if you want the cottage cheese fast, or tasty. Old fashioned cottage cheese was made with genuine buttermilk, added to warm milk and left to curdle naturally over 12 hours or so in a warm spot. There is also the version made with a culture - like live culture buttermilk or a mesophilic starter, and rennet. What you are looking at is a quick coagulation, which requires a fair amount of acid to do. Your end product is going to have the taste of whatever acid that is- lemon or vinegar - so I advise choosing accordingly. Me, I don't like vinegar curdled cheese of any sort. If you have the time, I recommend cultured buttermilk - or when you've had the chance, order the mesophilic starter and rennet. That's really the old fashioned sort of way, after all. Buttermilk will get you something similar to quark, with fine curds. Your quick acid method will most usually give you something a bit closer to ricotta. Starter and rennet will get you large curds, but takes a bit more work.
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