Sharpening vegetable peeler

Can you sharpen a vegetable peeler? I have the good old standard old fashioned one. Any ideas or comments?



Panfusine July 2, 2011
THanks for the info Kari... Need to invest in one of these sharpeners.
spuntino July 2, 2011
+1 to the kuhn rikons. We have half a dozen of them them at home - we use them for veggies, ginger, cheese, everyyything. My bf swears by them and he works in a pro kitchen!
KLL5 July 2, 2011
I have a ceramic peeler and it works better than anything else I have ever used!
susan G. June 30, 2011
My original vegetable peeler from 1966 never needed sharpening, always did a great job. It was nothing special, just what every kitchen had then. When it unfortunately got ground up in the garbage disposal, I tried to find a replacement (maybe 2 years ago). I bought several which were really unsatisfactory -- took off too much peel, didn't release the peel when you used them. Then I found what looked like the old one, only the blade seems to have a coating on it, maybe to prevent rusting -- from the supermarket, cheap, and the best yet. I have high hopes for it, but for function and for keeping its edge.
Chrissyo29 June 30, 2011
Thank you Kari, will be buying the sharpener :)
Kari J. June 29, 2011
Yes, you can sharpen a peeler! I'd recommend using a small multi-purpose sharpener, like this one:

Additionally, I find myself constantly using little cheap swiss peelers, like these from Kuhn Rikon. When they get dull - I toss them!
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